Translation of ably in Spanish:


hábilmente, adv.

Pronunciation /?e?bli/


  • 1

    con mucha habilidad
    • Fortunately, the writers are ably assisted by Michael Lark, one of the finest character artists in comics today.
    • Jimmy was ably assisted on the day by Tyrone Power, best man, James Walsh, and Stuart Murray.
    • On this particular hike he was ably assisted by hike leaders Calvin Crawford and Leon Rougier.
    • He was ably assisted by his partner Michael Togher who notched up a goal and a point.
    • It takes a brave man to argue that empire is good, but Niall Ferguson ably and admirably makes the case.
    • Her smile reflected the completeness of her happiness and ably communicated the effect of Robert's kind gesture.
    • His team colleagues, ably captained by Robbie Powell, covered very well and registered their best points tally of the season.
    • However, the quality of this single is in no doubt and it was ably supported by what was unquestionably, for me, the best video of the year.
    • The president has ably led us through the uncertain days following the worst attack on our country in modern times.
    • Rathnew full back Mark Coffey had a smashing first half, ably fronted all through by Stephen Byrne.
    • Annabel James deserved credit for a tight bowling display, ably backing up the more experienced Hughes and Jones.
    • He was the driving force upfront, and was ably supported by the willing Richard Pugh, Duncan Jones and Ryan Jones.
    • She was ably supported by Charlotte Dixon, Amie Whetstone, Jennifer Griffiths and Rachel Hsu.
    • Those four athletes are ably backed up by Rose Tully, Tanya McHale and Olivia Flannery.
    • He was ably substituted by chief organiser Kathleen Nerney in the afternoon.
    • Mr Luff was thanked for answering all questions put to him so ably.
    • He was ably supported by his partner who was quite happy to play second fiddle, taking 47 balls for his five runs.
    • Every part in this production was well cast, and each actor plays his or her role ably.
    • Be that as it may, I am now ably positioned to inform you that dancing is not necessarily good for the body.
    • Based on the Greek legend of Theseus trying to catch and slay the Minotaur, this is a wonderful story ably told.