Meaning of glaciated in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡle?s?e?t?d/


  • Covered or having been covered by glaciers or ice sheets.

    ‘a glaciated valley’
    • ‘None of the streams draining upland areas of the Southeast were glaciated during Pleistocene ice ages or inundated by Cretaceous seas during interglacial periods.’
    • ‘The region is adjacent to the driftless area, and was glaciated during the Wisconsin glaciation.’
    • ‘The two maps are genetically related, but very different, in some ways loosely comparable to the ‘Solid’ and ‘Drift’ geological maps of a heavily glaciated area.’
    • ‘The schist has been glaciated, resulting in exposed outcrop surfaces of 20-30 meters, studded with staurolite crystals.’
    • ‘The area is home to some stunning scenery, there is a tremendous landscape of rolling sandstone hills and mountains, corrie lakes, inland cliffs and glaciated valleys to paint.’
    • ‘Antarctica is the only glaciated continent on the planet, and as such constitutes a unique element in the Earth's environment.’
    • ‘The little erosion by ice sheets and the preservation of erosion surfaces in glaciated areas is further straightforward evidence for a rapid, post-Flood Ice Age.’
    • ‘Cooling in the late Eocene was thus the beginning of a long-term shift from the cool-temperate climate of the Eocene to the glaciated, polar climate found in Antarctica today.’
    • ‘Even before reaching for the first hold, the group will spend three weeks ferrying 1,500 pounds of food and equipment up and down a glaciated valley.’
    • ‘Uplifted in geological time and repeatedly glaciated, it is a large relatively flat landscape pitted with thousands of lake and tarns.’
    • ‘The study site consisted of two glaciated, connecting valleys that run roughly north-south and east-west.’
    • ‘This is an area of North American that has been periodically glaciated during the Pleistocene.’
    • ‘Admire the view to the south - the classic glaciated valley of Strath Nethy.’
    • ‘Eurasia was not extensively glaciated during the last glacial advance, unlike North America.’
    • ‘Long-tailed mounds extend eastward to Juneau County on the Wisconsin River and were very common throughout glaciated eastern Wisconsin.’
    • ‘Most deglaciated areas are ice-free all year, although glaciated fjords are at least partially covered with glacial ice most of the year.’
    • ‘Pennsylvania encompasses 11.7 million hectares, with two glaciated sections in the northwest and northeastern corners of the state.’
    • ‘The school conducts training throughout the year and includes mountain climbing on peaks ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 feet and survival on glaciated terrain and in snowy and icy conditions.’
    • ‘Cruise-ship passengers take in vistas of glaciated mountains and lichen-covered islands, stopping to visit penguin colonies, seal beaches, and abandoned whaling stations.’
    • ‘These changes may reflect increased rates of production and circulation of cold, well-oxygenated deep waters around the margins of the glaciated continent, as is the case in modern Antarctica.’


Mid 19th century past participle of obsolete glaciate, from Latin glaciare ‘freeze’, from glacies ‘ice’.