Meaning of foreign affairs in English:

foreign affairs

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plural noun

  • Matters of public interest and importance happening abroad.

    ‘she had a quarrel with her Minister of Foreign Affairs about the contents of the speech’
    • ‘The balance of power in Europe was now best served by total political non-activity in foreign affairs.’
    • ‘The commission has no independent role in foreign affairs.’
    • ‘This certainly has strengthened his hand, especially in foreign affairs.’
    • ‘The 20-year Washington veteran has gained a reputation as a liberal on social issues and a moderate on economics and foreign affairs.’
    • ‘I like his focus and experience on the domestic economy, as well as his expertise in foreign affairs.’
    • ‘He is known first as a columnist and then as an author, mostly dealing with Indian foreign affairs.’
    • ‘He was secretary of state for foreign affairs 1834–1835.’
    • ‘He suggested how the chain reaction of consumption could affect foreign affairs.’
    • ‘Unlike others writing on this period, he accords due weight to such matters as popular religion, ethnic tensions, and foreign affairs.’
    • ‘That question has remained at the forefront of American thinking about foreign affairs ever since.’